Josiah Mannion

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Josiah has an undergrad degree from St. John's College, Santa Fe, which follows the Great Books Program, and has done graduate work for a Religious Studies degree at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, never completed.

Because it turns out that grad school is super expensive, so he went into the Army hoping to solve two problems at once: student debt and that they would finish teaching him Russian. But they taught him Korean instead, and he spent a few years deployed to South Korea, and afterwards taught as a civilian contractor for the Air Force.

Then he started taking his photography more seriously, simultaneously getting more involved in organized atheism/secularism/humanism.

The entirety of his background and experience, philosophical, theological, career, and activism, feeds into how he conscientiously approaches photography as a means of making the invisible visible, and moving things that are on the margins and edges of vision or society to the center.