Noelle George

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Noelle George is the Executive Director of Foundation Beyond Belief. She is a secular activist who grew up in Seattle, Washington and studied chemical engineering at the University of Washington. She has identified as an atheist since 1996, but didn't become passionate about secular activism until she moved to Texas in 2004, and was often asked "Where do you go to church?" After graduating from UW, she worked as a chemical engineer and project manager for a Fortune 500 company, and started volunteering for secular activist causes in 2008. 

Prior to joining FBB as a volunteer in 2011, Noelle worked with multiple national secular organizations - she is the former Ambassador Director for Atheist Alliance International, has consulted with American Ethical Union, and has founded two secular nonprofit organizations.

One of those organizations, Secular Center, was merged into FBB in 2011 and incorporated to begin a new program called Volunteers Beyond Belief (now known as the Beyond Belief Network).

Noelle has traveled around the country consulting with local secular groups on the topics of volunteering, leadership, and organizational skills. Noelle also founded the Mothers Beyond Belief Facebook group and is on the advisory board of Secular Woman.

In her free time Noelle enjoys reading, writing, playing the piano, and the rare occasions when she gets a full night's sleep. She currently lives in Houston with her husband and daughter.