Dr. Zachary Moore

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Dr. Zachary Moore was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been active within the American atheist community for over a decade, having previously served as the Board Chair for Foundation Beyond Belief, Board Treasurer for Camp Quest Texas, Executive Director for Fellowship of Freethought Dallas, and Coordinator of the Dallas–Fort Worth Coalition of Reason.

He blogs at DoubtingThomases.net, has been published in Atheist Voice and Secular World, and is the host and producer of the Apologia and Evolution 101 podcasts.

He has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, and Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and has been interviewed by CBS, FOX, and the Washington Journal.

Dr. Moore has been a regular speaker for North Texas atheist organizations for the last decade, and has also spoken previously at the Texas Freethought Convention and Skepticon.